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Welcome, This is the home to the In the Box series of Books as well as the other books I write. My name is Christopher Mason. I have a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Education and due to the current state of the economy I am trying to make a living off my Passion for writing.I currently live on a big rig that goes cross country.

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I have a passion for finding the best cheap or free resources the internet has to offer and from time to time I will post my views on the state of the world as well as new book releases, I cannot be everywhere so if anyone has a resource they wish to recommend,feel free to do so. Talk to you all later.



Happy Death Day Review

Year: 2017
Type of Media: Theatrical Release
Length: One hour and 36 minutes
Type of Time Travel: Time Loop
Rating: 8 stars
Happy Death Day is a movie released on October 13 2017. The movie stars Jessica Rothe(Teresa(Tree) Gelbman), Israel Broussard(Carter Davis) and Ruby Modine(Lori Spengler).
I’m aware the following description is used a lot when referring to this movie but it fits.The best way to describe this movie is Groundhog’s Day meets Scream. The basic MacGuffin of the story is Tree continually wakes up in Carter’s dorm room after being killed by an unknown assailant.
I found this movie to be very enjoyable and entertaining which is something I haven’t been able to say about a movie in a long time.
Let’s start with the standard 5 stars for the everyday average movie. Let’s add a star for great chemistry between the leads. Another star for good pacing, good overall writing, and making the repeated days still interesting after repeated viewings. I even like the attention to detail like how the universal logo restarts at the beginning of the film or how Carter even mentions Groundhog’s Day. No star was gained or lost for the use of time travel. Just like the aforementioned Groundhog’s Day this time travel falls under fantasy, with no direct explanation as to how the time loop happened or why. However, I’m okay with that and I hear that this question will be answered in Happy Death Day 2. A star also given for giving the character of Tree some depth and a decent character arc two traits not usually present in this genre of film. Final score 8 stars.
While I was let down by the final confrontation between Tree and the killer and the killer can be figured out 30 minutes into the film for anyone who is a fan of mysteries overall This was a very enjoyable popcorn flick. This film is more about the ride then the Whodunnit anyway. I highly recommend this film to fans of time loop movies. I saw the film via Google Play. However, due to it being a really recent movie it should be available on all streaming platforms unlike most of the older movies I usually review on this blog.
Year: 2017
Type of Media: Theatrical release movie
Length: one hour and 35 minutes
Type of Time Travel: Travel back into the very recent past.
Rating: 3 stars
Fate is a movie released in 2017 it stars Daniel Bonjour as Connor Hughes a college professor and physicist working on time travel. His colleagues include Jonas played by Jerry Hoffman and Julia played by Laura Shields. Right off Connors made out to be an asshole which for the purpose of this movie works. He plays the standard career obsessed man who is ignoring his girlfriend April played by Anne Clare Lush in favor of trying to achieve time travel. The MacGuffin of this movie is a basic one. Connor is using the time machine to prevent April from dying when she gets hit by a car in an intersection. Oh the movie also lets us know that project is being funded by some government people in dark suits who close down the project once the objective has been achieved. The reason given is that Connor and company were supposed to prove that time-travel was impossible but never succeed and that is about it for their character development. The only person in this movie that did not seem like a caricature was the character of Jonas and even he was not written with that much depth. However, he did seem the most realistic as far as the characters went. Most were one note. For example, Julia wants to get into Connors pants. She is a TA just jonesing to hook up. Her character in this movie is used to conveniently drive a wedge between April and Connor. For example, she kisses Connor when April is conveniently available to see it. Julia also leaves a note in Connors bag laying out how she’s the jilted lover and wants him back(he may be an ass but he is a loyal and faithful ass)and of course the letter spills out onto the floor when Connor gets in a rush. she spends the entire movie trying to sabotage Connor’s April’s relationship.

That is the extent of her character development. As for April we learned nothing about her at all.

The time travel works fine in this movie. I thought the 1 hour limitation of time travel was good as well as a loss of minutes for every jump back in time. Meaning that eventually the time traveler would catch up with the present. I admire what the cast and crew tried to do with a low budget. That being said several conflicts in this movie could have been avoided by just communicating to another person. The plot device of miscommunication can be done well just look at Threes Company. There’s a show who’s entire premise was basicly miscommunication. However, all the miscommunication didn’t work here. There was no humor, virtually no character development, and while there is a clear message of the film I think the writers tried too hard to hit it home. I did not find this movie engaging and I sure as heck did not care what happened to the characters.
Maybe I’m just a tad salty about having the ending telegraphed by a character fifteen minutes into the film with the use of forced dialogue.
Let’s start with a standard 5 stars for any average movie. Two stars get removed for a complete lack of chemistry or character development. That leaves us with a 3-star rating. I can only recommend this movie to die hard fans of the genre who are seriously anal completionist and need to see every time travel movie ever made. If you are not one of these people you can pass this film by. For those who want to see the movie is available via Google Play.

Bridge Across Time Review

Year: 1985
Type of Media: TV Movie
Length: one hour and 40 minutes
Type of Time Travel: Travel forward to the present.
Rating: 1 star
Bridge Across Time AKA Terror at London Bridge is a 1985 made for TV movie released on November 22 1985.The movie stars David Hasselhoff and Stephanie Kramer. David Hasselhoff plays officer Don Gregory. A recently relocated cop from Chicago now relocated to Lake Havasu Arizona. Stepfanie Kramer plays Angie a lady that runs a charter fishing boat and tour service in Lake Havasu and that is about the nicest thing I can say about this dumpster fire of a film. Brace yourselves it’s a going to be a bumpy ride. First let’s be kind and star with five stars and act like this is a good old fashioned average television movie. Spoiler alert ahead.
The movie loses one star for the use of time travel. The movie opens where we find Jack the Ripper being chased by the wonderful Bobby’s of Scotland Yard. They chased him across the London Bridge we’re low and behold after a scuffle he falls into the river knocking a brick off the bridge. We follow the camera as the brick falls to the bottom of the Thames River. It is at this point the writers want to make the point that Jack the Ripper’s soul has magically been transferred into the brick. This is without showing the viewer anything to that effect. That brings us to present day. Where we find out through exposition that the brick from the previous scene has finally been put back in place and will be part of a restoration ceremony tomorrow. A character named Alice wants very badly to walk across the bridge however, her tired husband does not. She says it’s okay and we’ll meet him back at the hotel.
This is where this movie loses its second star for horrible tropes in a movie. The trope being the dumb blonde stereotype. Oh yes,Alice is blonde and decides to walk across London Bridge at 10 o’clock at night. Where it’s dark and deserted because that’s what you do when you’re a sexy woman in the eighties right. For reasons that escape me she trips on something unseen and cuts her hand on the bridge.Jack the Ripper then rises from the blood drop. I kid you not. Alice just stands there and waits for are scary serial killer to take form and only after he’s running after her at top speed does she start moving and screaming. I think we all know what happens next. Alice’s murder is of course our MacGuffin and starts what is truly a god-awful movie. This movie then loses another star for lack of lighting and stupidity. Lack of lighting because every scene seems to have an overuse of shadow. Stupidity because when the police of Lake Havasu are searched a wax not once do they decide to turn on the lights.While I admire the fact they tried to make Adrienne Barbeau look plain by using glasses to make her look like a nerd it doesn’t really work. The movie loses another star for the trope of big city cop who shot a kid. Yes in this entire movie that took around 90 minutes that’s all we know about David Hasselhoff’s character.He shot a kid in Chicago and is now trying to restart his life in Lake Havasu. Did I mention Jack the Ripper’s everywhere. We know nothing about him either except that he is hiding in the shadows in every other scene.This movie is like the network went we need a 90-minute movie and the writers could only come up with 30 minutes of content. This movie drags and drags and drags on. As for special effects anybody could have done better even by 1985 standards. At one point we see Jack the Ripper carrying away and second victim and the viewer can clearly tell he’s carrying a mannequin. There is even a scene where David Hasselhoff has to cry about shooting that child. I mentioned earlier and the viewer can tell he’s really crying because he’s in a really bad TV movie that he could not contractually get out of. There is no chemistry and between the leads and the character development isn’t paper thin it’s not existent. I would avoid this movie at all costs. If you are a ripper fan I would recommend the mini series Jack the Ripper or Murder by Decree or heck even time after time is a way better movie. I am sure I will be reviewing it here eventually. Last but not least the movie loses one more star for a really awful ending.I won’t spoil the ending for the few masochists out there that plan to see this film.So to recap we were kind we gave the movie five stars for being average. The movie then lost four stars for various reasons. The final score for bridge across time is one measly little star.
Link to watch movie on YouTube.

Timescape Movie Review

Year: 1992
Type of Media: TV Movie
Length: one hour 39 minutes
Type of Time Travel: Travel back into the past.
Rating: 9 stars
Disaster in Time AKA Grand Tour: Disaster in Time AKA Timescape is on of my favorite movies.
It stars Jeff Daniels,Ariana Richards, and George Murdock.The movie was released on May 9th 1992. To my knowledge this was a TV movie in the Untied States however, I cannot verify this.
The movie stars Jeff Daniels as Ben Wilson a recent widower who along with his daughter Hilary played by Ariana Richards are renovating a bed and breakfast at the start of the movie. The movie’s macGuffin is put in place when a bus load of tourists converge on Mr. Wilson and will not let up till they are allowed to stay at the inn. This of course sets off his curiosity as to why they would not stay at the Appleton Inn in the center of town and thus begins the adventure.
I found the chemistry among the actors to be pretty good. I found the time travel device and concept to be original for its time. We will see this plot device in idea come around again in the TV movie Thrill Seekers or Time Shifters which would come out a few years later in 1999. I found the special effects to be good for a TV movie. I am aware of the causality paradox the ending leaves us with. However, what can I say I like happy endings. There are no plot holes that I could find related to time travel. I love the portion of the movie where Ben is arguing with himself or how both Bens decide to save the town.I also love the call back to Fur Elise that is made throughout the film. Overall this is a well-written movie. With an original story and good acting. Like time stalkers this movie gets 9 Stars two stars are for originality and two stars were added for bias to the starting star count of five. What can I say I am a Jeff Daniels fan.

Link to the movie on YouTube.


Link to the movie on YouTube.


Timestalkers Review

Year: 1987

Type of Media: TV Movie

Length: one hour and 34 minutes

Type of Time Travel: Travel back into the past.

Rating: 8 stars

Timestalkers is a made for television movie starring William Devane, Lauren Hutton, and Klaus Kinski. The movie made its debut on CBS on March 10th 1987 William Devane history plays Scott McKenzie a recently widowed history professor and aficionado of the American West. One day while at an auction he and his friend Joe Brodsky played by John Ratzenberger when they win pair of old western trunks they decide to split the spoils and you take the trunk. Scott’s trunk doesn’t contain much but an old tintype Sparks Scott’s interest. He becomes even more fascinated with the photo when he learns that a cowboy picture in the tintype is holding a 357 Magnum. Scott has the photo analyzed and the photo is verified as a genuine 150 year old photo from the old west and thus begins the adventure.

I found the movie fun and enjoyable if very predictable. However to the movie’s credit there are no plot holes are time travel problems and over all the movies well written. For example, when Scott McKenzie has the predictable shootout with Cole played by Klaus Kinski and wins it is not unexpected because the film makes a point that the professor has been practicing his draw and shooting at a target everyday for 3 months. I found all performances by the actors solid considering what they had to work with. Production values our standard for a movie of that type and at that time. The movie gets eight Stars. There is probably a one-star bias. I am a fan of both William Devane and western movies. All the movie is no Shakespeare it is a fun popcorn flick to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon and yes I can forgive the paradox due to the movie’s ending.

Movie can be seen on YouTube.

Link: https://youtu.be/RDk3Qjea8M0

A New Focus For this Blog

As people may or may not have realized I hate blogging but I love writing and since I have a perfectly good blog I thought I would start up using it again. The blog will be refocused on movies reviews. To be even more exact Reviews of movies whose focus is on time travel. I really love a good time travel movie but to even narrow the blog’s focus even more I will be focusing on the lesser know movies and television episodes that have time travel as the focus of the episode.

The rules:

1. All media review will be using a ten point scale. A five will be considered average movie.

2. Mainstream time travel movies will not be reviewed here. Sorry but Twelve Monkeys or Back to the Future have been reviewed tons of times.It’s time for other films to get the spotlight. There may be an occasional exception to this rule but for the most part it will be lesser known films reviewed on here.

3. When TV shows are reviewed as in the case of Time Cop or Seven Days, where the entire series is focused around time travel I will try and review the series as a whole. I may mentioned some stand out episodes but in this case I am looking at how well everything

comes together to make the whole.

4. I will not go over the entire plot synopsis of a movie or TV show. Instead I will only give you a small Inkling of what the story is about. In doing it this way it gives you the reader a reason to see the film or TV episode in question.

5. I will occasionally review individual episodes of television shows whose main focus is not time travel but who have ventured off into that territory for the episode in question.

I hope You will join me for the journey.

(Video Games) What is the Most Unique and Original Game You have Every Played

For all those out there what are some of the most original and most unique games you have every played? Please state game genre and game system. I will go first.

  • The King of Dragon Pass – Strategy – PC
  • Short Circuit – Arcade- Apple II
  • The Big One – Strategy – PC
  • The Stanley Parable – Your guess is as good as mine – PC
  • Superstar- RPG – PC


And for that poor unfortunate soul who said Mario Cart was unique, It is very well made not unique. So come on boys and girls sound off.